Nicosia, Cyprus 21-24 June 2023

ICOT2023 Annual Conference

Innovative Sustainable Practices in Travel and Tourism:

Recovery and Resilience

The ICOT2023 conference builds on the eminent support of the international scholarly community and the success of the previous twelve International Conferences on Tourism (ICOT) held in Greece, China, Cyprus, U.K., Italy, Thailand, Portugal, but also virtually following the COVID-19 outbreak.

While the tourism sector is characterized by strong resistance in various types of challenges, it is undeniable that the recent encounters, such as those of COVID-19, Russian-Ukrainian war, and energy crisis, have significantly affected related industries and the economies of many destinations. Indeed, many scholars and practitioners claim that, in this turbulent era, there is a need for re-orientation on how tourism should be developed, managed, and performed in the 21st century; this implies that placing greater emphasis on innovative products, processes and dynamics, on the one hand, and focusing on sustainable development and management principles, on the other hand, should have a much greater role in contemporary tourism and travel. In this respect, it is not only desirable to follow this direction but also imperative for the full recovery and resilience of tourism, worldwide.

The scope of ICOT2023 is to examine innovative sustainable products, processes, strategies and practices to prepare a stronger and more resilient global tourism development in this new cloudy era that the world goes through.

The conference will be a unique opportunity where academics, professionals, researchers, policy makers, practitioners, and post-graduate students from the fields and industries of tourism and travel will meet, discuss, exchange ideas and express their views and scientific approaches. The ultimate objective is to stimulate a dialogue on how tourism in current times should invest in innovative sustainable practices for its recovery and resilience, thereby building a more solid ground for sustainable, balanced, and holistic development.

We invite submissions on all aspects of tourism development, policy, planning, growth and degrowth that will add to the current debate.






Τhe conference is organised under the auspices of the Deputy Ministry of Tourism, Cyprus