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Paper Submission Guidelines

Full Paper Submission Guidelines

1. Document setup: The full physical page size including all margins will be 148mm x 210mm. To facilitate the process a paper template with all the settings preset has been prepared. The template can be download from here: FULL-TEXT PAPER TEMPLATE – ICOT2018 PROCEEDINGS.

2. The sets of margins:

Header: 15mm
Top of main body: 25mm
Bottom: 15mm
Left: 21mm
Right: 21mm
Footer: 0

3. Use Arial: 9 pts fonts for the main text and all additional parts except endnotes and index (where you should use 8pts), and paper headings (see below). All text should be single-spaced. The paper length should be between 3500-4000 thousand words.

4. For the paper title use 11pts fonts. Author(s) name(s) should be small caps and use 11pts fonts. Author(s) affiliation(s) should be 9pts italic fonts.

5. Abstract of the full paper should be between 100 to 150 words – use 8pts fonts. The text should stand out by 5 milimetres from both sides. Use 9 pts for all such text with single spacing.

6. Indent the first line of each paragraph by 5mm.

7. Indent quoted texts of greater than 2 lines or other texts which you think should stand out by 5 milimetres from both sides, and leave one line spaces between the top line and main text as well as between the bottom line and main text; and use 9 pts for all such text.

Other Text Issues

1. To ensure that there are no extra spaces in the document, use your software’s find and replace command to substitute all double spaces for single spaces. Repeat this procedure until no double spaces are found.

2. The referencing system you use should comply with the Harvard Reference System Style.


1. It is recommended that you use TIFF files for producing images or photographs, and EPS files for vector graphics (illustrations). All images including photographs must be included in the main Word or other files submitted.

2. Take into account the size of the page when including images (148mm x 210mm). Your image will have to be resized if it is too large or too small, and this can prove problematic in certain cases.

3. Call your pictures or illustrations Figure 1. The number refers to the illustration or image number within the manuscript. (Maximum 5 Tables or Figures)