Kavala, Greece 27-30 June

Conference Theme

Following the success of the previous seven International Conferences on Tourism (ICOT) held in Greece, China, Cyprus, U.K., Italy and Thailand and the strong support by the international scholarly community, the 8th ICOT conference will be held at Kavala, Greece, 27-30 June 2018.

Conference Themes

The conference will focus on a broad range of topics related to tourism, including (but not limited to):

  • Tourism Development, Policy and Planning
  • Tourism Sustainability
  • Community Responses to Tourists and Tourism
  • Collaboration and Cooperation between Stakeholders
  • Emerging Tourism Destinations
  • Urban Tourism
  • Theoretical Perspectives on Tourism
  • Economic/Social/Environmental/Cultural Impacts of Tourism
  • Tourism Education and its Role in Managing Tourism Development
  • Alternative and Special Forms of Tourism
  • Seaside Resorts
  • Cultural/Heritage Tourism
  • World Heritage Sites
  • Industry’s Role in Managing Growth
  • Destination/Place Marketing
  • Information Technology in Tourism
  • Tourism Research and Methodology
  • Globalisation Effects
  • Challenges and Best Practices of Hospitality and Tourism Marketing and Management
  • Negotiation in Tourism
  • Tourism Mobilities
  • Transportation and Tourism
  • Authenticity and Commodification
  • The Future of Tourism
  • Climate Change and Natural Disasters
  • The Effects of Crime, Terrorism, Safety and Security
  • Managing Human Resources in Hospitality and Tourism
  • Evolution and Transformation of Booking and Distribution Channels
  • Responsible Tourism for Conservation and Development
  • Social Networking and New Forms of Tourism
  • Innovation in Tourism.